Android Horse Games

Get ready for some high-adventure fun. Downloading realistic horse games on Android phones and tablets, Samsung, HTC, etc. is easy and provides endless hours of entertainment. Easy access to a wide range of games makes staying in touch with your horse friends a snap. The perfect Android horse games for you might be racing games where you buy, train and race a horse or carnival type games that are great to play when you have a little spare time. There are also plenty of games for the little horse lovers in the family, as well.

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  • Secret of the magic crystals game for pc android users

    Secret of the Magic Crystals

    Rated 2.50 out of 5

    This game could be an amazing story with beautiful magical horse species…Unfortunately, it’s gets really boring and you don’t get to see all of the coolest activities, like races and quests 🙁

  • Race horse champions: riding horse game

    Race Horses Champions


    Beware, this realistic horse racing app is addictive and loads of fun!