Wii Horse Games

The Wii offers a great platform on which to play some really exciting equestrian games. Horse games for Wii range from summer adventures at an academy to a chance to learn all about breeding in a fun and educational manner. We list of all of them that we have reviewed here. Wii horse games help players to develop critical thinking, decision making and social skills. Games within games provide plenty of variety and training for competitions, keeping it all exciting. Wii games range in price, and complexity, so it is important to purchase games that are not only suited to your interest but also your ability.

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  • Horse life adventures game for NDS

    Horse Life Adventures for Nintendo DS & Wii


    Great 3D graphics make this Nintendo game pop! After taking the time to learn how to play it correctly, this game is a lot of fun and it is also challenging. This is not a short game, so it can be enjoyed for some time.

  • Pony friends 2 nds game

    Pony Friends 2 for Nintendo DS, Wii & PC

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    This Nintendo DS, Wii & PC game is perfect for the younger crowd. There is lots of charm and plenty of fun things to do with your pony. Learn how to care for all of your horse’s basic needs while you play.