Family Farm

Family farm sim horse game for PC and MAC
Beautiful horses and workers in family farmTaking care of horses - family farm PC/MAC gameCrops and workers in family farm


Family Farm PC, a 19th Century Setting farming game lets people of all ages become a farming tycoon and have fun expanding, building and developing the home, family, farmstead and animals.


Family farm sim horse game for PC and MAC
Beautiful horses and workers in family farmTaking care of horses - family farm PC/MAC gameCrops and workers in family farm

Simple sim-like horse farming game

Family Farm PC is a relatively low stress, Sim-like farming game that is engaging but not overly challenging. Designed for even the younger generation of gamers, the game virtually combines different life situations and aspects of farming together into one great game that takes place in the 19th Century. The game never gets boring and is divided into three differing levels of play. Through the game play, the user will get to expand his or her family and take part in fun farming activities like sowing crops, harvesting crops, cooking meals, caring for animals and breeding animals and more! The game will get you moving towards achieving goals and challenges with your crops and animals that will be sure to keep you busy.

When you start out you can choose from a number of different storylines, in mini-campaigns that all have a particular goal in mind. You begin with a husband and wife farming team in the wilderness. Each farmer has a certain skill such as cooking, working with animals, tilling the ground or chopping trees. The more each skill is used, the more it improves.

If you upgrade your house, you may have room to add a baby, although you will have to wait a while before the baby can help on the farm. You can also hire other help for the farm, but this can be costly.

You have to keep a close eye on all the workers on the farm all the time to be sure that no one is tired or hungry. If they don’t feel like working, they may all of a sudden decide to stop.

I really liked that there were so many meals to choose from like bacon and eggs or roast beef. The workers respond differently to different meals. For instance, spinach gives a boost of energy. The farm workers need to cook the food themselves, so you have to be careful to keep a balanced number of people working and eating.

There are quite a few options when it comes to making a living on the farm. You can plant vegetables, grain, lavender, and sunflowers or grow an orchard. You can also breed sheep, cows and horses, which you can sell.

Overall, the graphics and music are cute. Although this game requires some skill and multi-tasking, it is suitable for even younger gamers who enjoy planting something and watching it grow.

Additional information


Mac, PC

System Requirements

0.2 GB hard drive, 128 MB DirectX® 9 and is OpenGL 2.0 Compatible, Pixel & Vertex Shader 2.0 necessary, Linux – may require proprietary graphics drivers, Linux & Mac versions do not support any Intel video cards


Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and all newer, Ubuntu 10.10 (32-64bit), Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Suitable for ages

11+, 7-10


Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish





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