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Horse hair studio: Dress-up horse game for iPad
Horse studio app: Dress your pony - iPad gameHorse studio gameHorse studio iPad game


Give your pony a makeover, so she’s camera-ready in no time!

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Horse hair studio: Dress-up horse game for iPad
Horse studio app: Dress your pony - iPad gameHorse studio gameHorse studio iPad game

Primp your horse into a model with this fun app!

Who doesn’t love dress up? This app is perfect for young girls who simply want to create the most beautiful pony ever, and it is super easy. I would compare the game to dress up time with your mom’s clothes and makeup but with your own little pony, which is way too cute!

You begin the game with one of the cutest ponies I have ever seen. She’s drawn with soft curves, pink fur, pretty, large anime eyes with long eyelashes and a silky mane, like a horse runway model. Your job is to give her your own personal makeover. You decide what she should look like at the end.

You’re given eight choices for hair accessories, like bows, ribbons and sparkly star barrettes to decorate your horse’s mane. I really liked the free choices, but you can spend real money to have many, many more options. But beware on becoming addicted to buying all these options. It can really add up in real money. Ask your parents first.

Then, you choose everything else for your new pony, like hair color, skin tone, eye color and lash tint. You can change everything back and forth all you want until you feel it’s just right. If you don’t spend any real money, you’re only given 3 minutes to play around with these choices. After the time limit, you lose what you have done and revert back to the basic pink pony again to start the whole process over. But 3 minutes is probably plenty of time to dress up your horse.

The biggest downside to the app is that if you want more color choices and hair accessories, you need to pay real money for them. And you get hooked choosing different colors for your pony. Also, it would be nice in this app to be able see your horse trotting around in her new look, rather than just standing there. This was my biggest problem with the game, but it didn’t bother my younger sister who is 4 years old. She loved changing everything about her pony over and over again.

This app is like playing with Barbie or fairy makeup and princess clothes. Really the game is geared toward younger girls. Teens may get bored too easily from just playing dress up. After you dress your pony up, you do get to take pictures to show your friends. My favorite thing about the game is that you can select cute golden shoes for your pony because what girl doesn’t love shoes?

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