A Virtual Horse

1.88 out of 5
(41 player reviews)
A Virtual Horse - Horse Game
A Virtual Horse - gem - A pony from the gameA Virtual Horse - the horse gameA Virtual horse browser game


A Virtual Horse is a complex yet exciting game that enables players to develop their skills in breeding horses, competitions and being involved in the daily activities of a ranch and a host of others.

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A Virtual Horse - Horse Game
A Virtual Horse - gem - A pony from the gameA Virtual Horse - the horse gameA Virtual horse browser game

Exciting Horse Game in a Virtual Town

A Virtual Horse is an online game that involves horses, a virtual town and many other components in an environment that is suitable for all ages. Players in the game can have different goals as there are many opportunities that are provided for them. They can build a ranch for their horses, color virtual horses, play horse games, learn about the genetics of horses, train horses for shows and manufacture tack for competitions. Some want to develop their skills with regards to horses while others just want to raise and have the best virtual horses and engage in online conversations with their friends.

The game has two kinds of horses that can be raised, breed and entered into competitions. The regular horses are over 100 in number and are in three categories of regular, pony and draft. The magic horses are not breeds that are found in real life and can include mythological breeds such as Unicorn and Pegasus or made-up ones like the Winged Zebra or Ponypeg. An important characteristic of any breed is its color and players learn how to generate the colors they want in their horses by learning about genetics and the colors of the parent horses.

When starting the game, a player has one horse, some tack for the horse, horse feed and 15000 coins and has no experience points and is a level 1 player. The goal is to advance to higher levels which is done by going to one’s stable and entering the horse into as many shows as possible. Fifteen experience points are given for each show entered. Advancing to the next level requires 1000 experience points. Experience points can also be earned by working in a stable as a stable hand or a veterinarian.

The game provides many paths that players can take in order to follow their interests. One of them is to build up their ranch by upgrading buildings, collecting raw materials, creating jobs on their ranch and hiring other players. Another path is to become a manufacturer and make tack for horses which can be sold on the market. A player can also become a trainer that adds special bonus points. A player can also become a rider that can excel in competitions and shows. Finally, players can enter chat rooms, write blogs and role play with other players.

There are so many diverse activities in this game that it is certain to provide those who play it with entertainment for many hours.

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Browser game

Suitable for ages

11+, 4-6, 7-10


English, Romanian, Spanish





1.88 out of 5

41 reviews for A Virtual Horse

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Man I’m 20 now and I played this game back when I was 11 or 12. I played up until 2021 and unfortunately I got busy with life and walked away. I planned to return but found out the game got taken down. I hope someday the game comes back or a good replacement to it. It was a good game with good memories and it made my childhood. I was CanadianPaints or something like that.

    I miss that game.

  2. 3 out of 5


    Regrettably, the game was shut down. This was done sometime last year I believe. Luckily, the $$ I had spent purchasing credits a few months prior had been refunded.

    I’ve been an on and off player since 2010, my two most ‘known’ players being Vahala and Arms of Sorrow. There were many players I’d met through this game that I considered good friends – sad that I have lost all contact with them with the exception of one.

    The game wasn’t bad, but could have been better. I can see how it would have been difficult for new players though, I didn’t really understand all mechanics until about 2018.

    As far as other complaints I’ve seen, I never saw anything like that happen. Then again, I rarely watched chat. Adult chat did get out of hand sometimes but nothing too crazy. Just pointless arguments.

    Anyways, cheers to everyone that was there during the end. We had a good run.

  3. 1 out of 5


    I played back in gosh…before 2009 and it was wonderful! My username was Bethers at the time and I bred mainly Mustangs with Lou. I’ve lost contact with her since then I desprately want to reconnect with her. LouLou (IF you see this contact me! You can find me on a game called Ovipets and my username is Gatekeeper). Its been YEARS but this girl (Now woman I’m sure) has frequented my thoughts over all that time. I’ve tried multiple ways to find her but never could, hopefully this reaches her in some way.

    Being a old player and peeking my head in I can honestly say the game went to crap quite a few years ago. I came back in atempts to find my friend and noticed even the speed in which we entered the games was longer. Now its even worse. I do know that Sir Terris is gone he was a Admin/Mod for a long long time back in the day and things changed so bad he just gave up. Pirate Princess is the only name I remember from back then as far as mods/admins that are still available. I always remembered her being very nice however again its been years since I played the game other than just a quick glance.
    For me personally I believe things have just changed too much for me to get back into it. All the progress I had made back then is gone (I was over level 300 I remember) and at the time Lou and I were in the running for being the top Mustang breeders. My ranch (which I was HIGHLY proud of) was BIG with multiple rows of apple trees ect.
    Sad to let go of the past…

  4. 1 out of 5


    Played this game in 2007; it was great. Now, 11 years later, what the heck happened?

    The mods are rude (except for Pirate Princess and Sorrelli), the players are rude, the graphics are trash, the rules are too strict, the game has become needlessly complicated.

    IGNORE the 5 star reviews because this game truly is hot garbage.

  5. 4 out of 5


    This game is good, used to be much better but not sure it will ever be that again and unfortunately has lost many original players due to this.
    It is suited to anyone as you can do as little or as much as you like towards advancing levels. There is always help there if you need it may it be from mods or other players, I do think some of the rules are too strict but internet safety is such an important thing these days.
    I think it unfairly gets bad reviews due to original players having a negative look at it and because they saw the other side of it are never going to see positive side of the new game.

  6. 1 out of 5


    Ugggggggggg i was looking for a nice horse game and this…. IT IS HORRIBLE ND BORING

  7. 1 out of 5


    the only thing i like about it is how realistic the horses are .. other than that it is a piece of fat shit

  8. 1 out of 5


    it is crap do not play it it used to be fun but now it is dub and stupped

  9. 4 out of 5


    This is a great game!! Very challenging with much to explore, learn and fine-tune. As ya think you’ve mastered entering shows, you’ll soon discover how much you can influence how well the horse places! The Ranch is fun!

    Mods as nice, pleasant and available. Chat is not a free-for-all (thank goodness) and 10 minutes is not the end of the world; so if you have a problem with a little correction now and then, you must be quite the spoiled little brat.

    Give it a try and plenty of time to get used to it…if you give up too soon, you will miss out!

  10. 1 out of 5


    Well this game is surly now crap
    I have talked to Lord Baal and understand all of his/her’s reasons
    Gina.. has nothing better to do than sit around and be rude she does act if im dumb
    And you cant say or gosh dang gender? Well are we all the same gender? are we trans? Or is PP just a big idiot who dont allow anything
    And disney style dating…Kids watch disney and they wanna be a princess not every kid is 7 -_- maybe this game is really shit and should be put down
    Yours truly

  11. 3 out of 5


    Wel leuk. Alleen ik speel dit niet zo vaak omdat ik Star Stable speel.

  12. 1 out of 5


    Wish I could give it 0 stars.

    Horrible game. Used to be fun. I signed up in 07′ and religiously played the game for years. Now it’s a tacky shit hole. Most mods are power hungry assholes who make fun of KIDS on their own private chat (there’s an adult chat). Mature. Mods ban for no reason. I myself have never been banned but I see 5-6 chat bans DAILY. The basic game set up is incredibly slow and designed to force people to buy things to refrain from beating their head into a brick wall out of frustration. The game used to be incredibly fun. Now it’s a ticking time bomb. Most people see how much this game sucks, only a matter of time till the rest do. Enjoy it while it lasts. You cash cow is dying.

  13. 1 out of 5


    I do not recommend the game.
    While it used to be a really good game, it has definitely lost standards.
    There are Java scripts that process the animation of horses now which was a good additive at the time and though it seemed easy to train horses and level, the leveling system did become increasingly more complicated.

    The game was brilliant at a stage, especially when it turned to making the horses come to life but quickly lost its edge when the maker come to life but quickly lost its edge when the maker and owner decided to not move forward in this process with say for example, actual interaction with horses and perhaps a world map and riding experience but instead make it more complicated to train the horses with tack complications.

    Previously in the game players would seek out the highest level tack which was the most expensive but the most durable. Having the highest percentage or level tack would allow non stop training on a horse provided your horse was healthy, fed and there were the appropriate amount of shows to enter. Now players must seek out multiple percentages of tack just to level their horse 10 levels which is a waste of time.

  14. 1 out of 5


    Worst horse game ever, owner, admin and mods don’t care about anything but themselves. Don’t play this game, ever.

  15. 3 out of 5


    This game is alright. These are the pros and cons:
    It is easy to level your horse.
    It is easy to make money.
    There is a tutorial to teach you some things.
    The horses cost a lot.
    The graphics are glitched.
    The rules are strict.
    Entering shows gets you a lot of money and levels your horses quickly. I usually enter them until they gain a level.
    Stable hands get more money then vets.

  16. 1 out of 5


    This game… is not what it used to be.

    I remember a time where everyone on site was nice and courteous to eachother, and the mods had fun and were nice, and only banned/muted people for good reasons.

    The graphics are cool, but the site itself has too much changing.

    We can no longer have our own, custom, player picture as we used to. We can only have a terrifying devil creature avatar. – This needs serious work.

    Some off the moderators are rude to players, and it’s sad that they get away with it.

    Sorrelli is the best in my opinion. Always makes the chat a good time.
    Kenyon uses the ban button only when it’s a last resort.
    Miss Ninja Betty has always been cool.
    Morticia is pretty cool too.

    And then there’s my opinion on other moderators.
    Gina… Can be very rude to players, bans without ANY warning, targets specific players (including myself) and treats players as though they’re stupid at times. Sure, on occasion she bans people for what they should be, but the rest of the time she’s awful.

    Pirate Princess is kind of midway for me. She’s the admin of the game. To her, basically everything is not child friendly. I think she needs to realize that a lot of the players are older than 6 years old, and if they aren’t, they don’t understand the words that are on the site, But NOPE, I need to “Educate” myself.

    As a player for 7 years, I’m sickened as to what this site has become.

    Honestly. Don’t play it.

  17. 1 out of 5


    It’s so bad, when I tried to sign up, the sign up button was blocking the birth date thingy, it’s so unfriendly, can’t they just add extra space?

  18. 1 out of 5


    This game has turned to crap.
    Yes, I’m addicted.
    I’ve played AVH since ’08.
    I used to love this game, the forums, the blogs, the players.
    I used to enjoy talking to people on chat.
    Now I absolutely hate it.

    First off-
    I have a problem with the moderator Gina… She bans me without warning and for no good fucking reason. I quoted a DISNEY song once. “Kiss The girl” Yeah you know that song? my 4 year old cousin knows all the lyrics. Parents LET their children watch disney. DISNEY IS FOR CHILDREN. AND FAMILIES. But NOPE Gina… had to get all personal about it and ban me from chat because it was “kissing talk” Absolutely no warning. Someone else I was speaking to at the time, was also banned for 10 minutes for adding lyrics to my message on chat. I was banned for AN HOUR. FOR FREAKIN DISNEY!!!
    Gina… also freaked out at a poor person who couldn’t speak English. She just kept saying to them “English only” when they CLEARLY spoke only FRENCH. They didn’t understand her, and I, knowing some French wanted to help get it through to the French player that chat was only for English speakers. Gina, on the other hand, flipped out and banned everyone who tried to get it through her thick skull that THEY DONT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!!!!!!
    Then she goes and always says the rudest things ever after banning people as if wanting people to react so she can ban them too.

    The other mods, however are great.
    Sorrelli is amazing and makes everything a lot more entertaining.
    Miss Ninja Betty I’ve known for years and she’s always been great.
    Miss Ann is a beautiful person and is really sweet.
    Kenyon is really nice and only uses the ban as a last resort.
    Pirate Princess is cool, and so is GK.

    Anyways, to get on with the review.

    The old AVH was a lot more fun in my opinion, before they updated it to v02.
    The new site runs slow, it’s kind of confusing, the graphics are quite awful.
    Everyone left the game. There’s barely anyone compared to the old days, and it truly breaks my heart. I miss my old friends on the game.

    The new game, is sometimes okay. It’s easier to level a horse, but it costs too much to buy one in the first place.
    Anyone could buy a horse for 10k originally.
    Now? 100k for a low leveled player to buy a horse.
    It costs me 1 MILLION coins to buy one now. It’s awful, only the high leveled players earn enough to be even partially okay with it.
    I created a new player and the game started me with 15k,
    I had to switch players to my main, just to send enough coins over to the new one to actually buy a damn horse.

    This game has fallen to pieces.

    Dear Pirate Princess and Gatekeeper.
    Fix it. Make it back to what it used to be. Please.

  19. 4 out of 5


    its a good game but things have changed and its not really that herd to learn how to play and its just a matter of opinion

  20. 1 out of 5


    this game is shit. all i wanna do is breed my horses BUT NOOOOO theres always something else i gotta do. first i gotta wait till im level 6. OKKK i do that. I Can breed them now right??? NOPE. now i gotta wait till my horse is 3 years old!!! okay i guess i can do that. SO i wait till my horse is 3… i can finally breed them right??? HAHA NO NOW I GOTTA WAIT TILL MY HORSE IS LEVEL 10. well shit LMFAO iVE HAD MY HORSE A MONTH AND HES ONLY ON LEVEL THREE> YOU SAYIN I GOTTA WAIT ANOTHER TWO MONTHS TO BREED THAT MF? TF. this game is not simple not easy not fun if you have no patience like me.

  21. 4 out of 5


    this game seems cool but it really isn’t you should keep this game going

  22. 1 out of 5


    I’ve had an AVH account since 2008.

    The current AVH Sucks. I hate it and so do many others. All of my past friends quit. I’m alone and there are very small amounts of people who still play.
    It’s difficult to make money and to advance levels.
    People are rude.
    I’m sick of this game. If only the admins would turn it back to the way it used to be, before the animations. :/

  23. 1 out of 5


    WOW! this game is stupid and boring!

  24. 2 out of 5


    I am so glad other veterans notice how terrible this game is now.

    The game isn’t the game I used to play a couple of years ago.

    It used to be a personable game where you could actually personalize your account.

    The search for things is terrible now I have to go on a scavenger hunt every time I want to find something!

    The game has been stripped of all of its good qualities to add a few animations that make it run slow but look fancy.

    It’s not all about looking FANCY! THE QUALITY OF THE GAME IS RUINED!!

    The game is DEAD. I used to look up a certain breed of horse that was for sale and search for days… now I look one up and if I’m LUCKY I get 2 pages!

    I can’t see how the people that run the site are benefiting from their terrible changes.
    It’s obvious from the reviews on this site that many people are unhappy with it now.

    From my couple of days of attempting to rebuild my barn I have noticed how few horses there are to buy.

    The game has lost players.

    It pains me to say this but as someone who loved the game as it was before and is pained to see what it has become, hopefully it will either sputter to a stop and be completely forgotten or just be shut down. I would rather see it shut down than see it like this.

    Ultimately but unlikely: I wish they would bring back the old features…. I’m so disappointed to find it so utterly ruined.

  25. 2 out of 5


    This game gets two stars from me, but mainly because of nostalgia. Like many of the reviewers I’ve read the review of on this game, I joined quite a while back, in 2010. I used to really enjoy the game and I had such a good time on it. I thought the horse images rocked, the community was helpful and the forum was quite alive. Then the first and one of the worst changes for me was the ‘moveable’ horse animations, which were downright terrible and in my opinion way inferior to those there used to be, still 2D images that gave you a neat impression of your horse. Especially the colors are so ugly now!. Then AVH v2.0 was launched, which flushed it all down the drain for me. Playing now is almost painful because I remember the good days, when we at least used to have a forum, too!

    I am however inclined on having things changed. I know I will probably fail doing so, but if many of the AVH players get together maybe we could make a point and get Gatekeeper and the other people involved to re-open the game the way it was back in 2010, but then on a different side track, much like happened with horse-game.net (of which I am now the only person playing- literally). Please, if you read this and still are on AVH, HELP ME to save the game we once loved. My name is Moonlight on there, please pretty please contact me. Without help, my voice will never be heard.

  26. 5 out of 5


    I’m not sure where all these bad reviews are coming from so I thought I better comment… I have been playing for a few months now and I am loving the game!
    Also the mods have been very helpful every time I have had any questions..
    I am not saying anyone’s experiences are not true.. I just recommend trying the game yourself first 🙂 Have fun! x

  27. 1 out of 5


    I agree with the other comments. I joined in 2007, and I was immediately addicted to this game. The first “change I witnessed on AVH wasn’t the worst. It was still a pretty good game until I tried to log on one day and I was blocked from the game because of an inappropriate blog. The only blog topic I had listed was titled “AVH Rules,” and it listed all the rules. I had to create a different account on a different computer. When I asked a mod about it, they simply said that the player is not allowed to have the rules on their blog because it may lead to bullying another player.

    After the incident I stayed on that player for a while. The horse’s image was now “realistic” and “moveable.” For about a year, the game was ok now but it was slowly going downhill. In 2012, the game went under a major update. I was on level 497 before the update. When I logged back in, I was on level 58. I tolerated the change because that was pretty much the only thing that changed. I had to soon create a new player again because another player and I got in an argument. She said that my player pic wasn’t made correctly, and when I told PP, she banned me.

    My latest player, Phantom, (now named RESIGNED) is now banned for a month because of my blog. I simply voiced opinion. I suppose the kindest player on the game was Jobob, but when he left everything seemed to go wrong. The game now is full of smart mouthed players, and strict adults. Although I am an adult player, I quickly grew fed up with al the drama and changed in the game. I can’t even have my own blog without it being constantly reviewed before anything is posted. The game administers do nothing for the children, they do whatever they can to make the graphics better, or the money harder to get. Or just adding stuff to the horses. I remember when you could get a horse for 10000 coins but now if you get one from the market, it is 500000 coins, which in my voice, is ridiculous. Shoot, you cant even email a mod without getting chewed out, or banned. I soon found out (in the adults player tab) that the game was made to help people escape their “bullying” (if they were bullied) not to help people love horses or have a horse of their own. The game is pathetic, and full of idiots. Shoot I hope Pirate PRincess does read this, because she is suppose to be the “role model” of the game, but all she is now is a player that only bans people and makes choices for her benefit, not any of the players.

  28. 1 out of 5


    0 stars. Mods are horrible, players are rude, and the game is-just-way-too-confusing! The new graphics kill my computer and my eyes, and you can’t get anywhere. Also, you have to buy from other players, and their stuff is soo bad!

  29. 1 out of 5


    I was a committed player to this game ever since I joined in 2006. I loved the pictures at the time, the amount of breed, and the fact that you could personalize everything on your page with layouts, pictures, and descriptions that really made your page YOU.

    However, ever since they started adding the animated graphics to the game, which I’ve been told they paid a good chunk of cash for, it sucks.

    I don’t know if the owner of this site has a lot of experience with online gaming, but the graphic they purchased to be designed are incredibly old school and sloppy. Any video graphic designer would throw up at those. Not only are they not aesthetically pleasing at all, they are so glitchy and cause browsers to crash.

    This site is no so poorly set up is almost unplayable. And not only is that the reason, but the environment is just toxic. I witnessed a mod mute a young girl because she asked for help three time, and they would only post her a link to the wiki, with nothing else said. She couldn’t comprehend everything on that also terribly designed wiki paged, and asked for help again, and they muted her for the day, saying if she could spend that time figuring it out on her own.

    THIS IS A CHILDREN TO ADULT GAME. as in CHILDREN are involved. You can not seriously expect eight year olds to comprehend everything that was written by a fifty year old admin. Misspellings are also banned, which is unacceptable on a game with such a wide age range. Unacceptable.

    I also witnessed a mod telling young girl medicine cocktails they could take to cure menstrual cramps. Why in the utter hell would a grown man be giving young preteen and teenage girls a bunch of medicine to mix together with ‘lemon and lime juice’. How many girl could have done damage to themselves if they did do that right, or if they were allergic to content they knew nothing about.

    This website is out of line, and I’m tired of being on it. I’ve officially exited the game, and I won’t be returning. It’s like another world on that server, full of disrespect and outdated technology.

    That is all I have to say, and will ever say.


  30. 5 out of 5


    i disagree with the other reveiws, i think its a good game and you get banned/muted because you broke a rule or did some thing wrong, you need to read the rules and follow the rules. I think its fun because the people make it fun
    you breed and sell/trade your horses and can add magic that can help you.

  31. 1 out of 5


    Having played the game daily for several years(Adult),i will stick my neck on the chopping block and say,the game changes are now so far from being fun it does not deserve 1 star,the admin,owner are so arrogant they are are out of touch with the real world and the non mod players.They are unprofessional and childish,it is not a game for anyone under 25,and now it should be called a trading game not a horse game,horses are secondary,i am now leaving the game and looking for something else.and do not comment on the forums re the game,you will be verbally shot down,nobodys opinion matters but the top few,yet it is the outsiders that can see what is not working and what is,when you live and breath the game you lose sight of what a horse game is,other players opinions matter if our money is good enough so is our voice.

  32. 1 out of 5


    I just read what the others said and chose NOT to play this game at all, which I find ridiculous because I’m an avid gamer and thought this would be a nice game to play…I guess it’s not, so I will be telling everyone that this game is awful and stop even more people from playing this game until I see reviews go up.

  33. 1 out of 5


    everything changed!!! i want it to go back to the way it was!!!! i hate it now i joined in 2010 or 2011 and i loved it, now i never go on because the games just sucks, its confusing, horrible, and i hate it, im not playing it until it goes back to the way it was in 2010 and 2011 ;(

  34. 3 out of 5


    So far the game is good. The graphics aren’t that great but they’re addicting to me somehow. I’m satisfied with my horses and everything, and I really love it when I have the time to play the game–

    Except for several things.

    1. Limited activity. I cannot buy more/breed more horses unless I advance to a certain level. This is annoying. I hate having to do that every time. A horse of mine I bought that was level 66 now has to wait until level 1000 to breed again (ridiculous!). And if I want a new horse I have to wait until I’m another level.

    2. Bad player and mod reputation. I haven’t interacted with anyone on AVH yet but from the reviews here I don’t think I want to. I’ll consider myself lucky that I didn’t jump in on the fourms so soon. And I never will.

    3. I feel so strongly about the previous statement that if I ever decide to leave AVH, I won’t leave without voicing my opinion on their forums first. Whether they delete it or not is up to them but they seriously need a wakeup call.

    And that’s all I have to say.

  35. 1 out of 5


    I joined about a year ago and forgot about it, I went back on recently to find all my horses mysteriously disappeared and the site is much to glitchy. I can’t buy more or even see the one horse I still have (which was at level 3 and somehow is now retired). Whenever I tried to buy a rescued horse it would take my coins but wouldn’t give me the horse, I spent all my money trying to get one horse. Very disappointed!

  36. 2 out of 5


    I started playing the game back in 2009 before everything seemingly changed. I don’t remember what it was like back then, although I do remember some. Before all of the levels switched up to make ‘advancing a level more worthy’, I was at level 400 and really proud of it. After coming back from a short break from the game, I realized that I was down to level 69 and a practiced rider!

    Another thing I don’t like about the game are the mods. They are disrespectful and act like they are superior to other players just because they have such a meaningless life that they sit on the computer all day clicking the ‘Enter Shows’ button. And although, some are indeed nice, many players, including myself, have been banned from chat or trade for not spacing out my advertising out right.

    It seems as if the mods have no other rules or anything creative to add to the game, because the game is like a prison, and you’re constantly bombarded by the ‘rules’.

    There is no AVH handbook, and players can play the way they want. But with the way everything is now, and I’m sure I’m speaking for others too, I feel like all of my freedom has been stiffened and the only way I can more is like a checker, only one way.

  37. 1 out of 5


    I agree with all the reviews above! Way to complex and hard to understand!

  38. 1 out of 5


    Whoa, this game is really confusing, not to mention all of the rude players. This is by far, the worse possible horse game I have played. Not only is it confusing, but the players are rude and disrespectful. When you tell a player who has more experience then you that they are swearing, being disrespectful or breaking the rules; BEWARE: YOU WILL BE THE ONE WHO GETS BANNED! Keep to your own game and try to speak to no one. Disgusting game.

  39. 1 out of 5


    Overall, the site is decently laid out but the atmosphere is terrible. The players are very disrespectful, rude, and snobby. The moderators do not help at all and if you misspell a word on chat, you are banned for up to the entire day. What children’s game throws you out for misspelling?! This game used to be fantastic back in the day, but the past few years, they’ve paid good money for absolutely TERRIBLE graphics. They were screwed out of that for sure. They also treat their players badly and encourage cliques and rudeness. If you get on a moderators list of people who is ‘needy’ ‘asks questions’ ‘wants to talk about real horses’ ‘isnt into graphic design’ or practically breathes, you are shunned from any help from all the moderators. Get your act together Avirtualhorse.com!

  40. 1 out of 5


    Absolutely ridiculous! I agree with comment above. The moderators pick and choose who to punish even if both party’s are at fault. So if you disagree with a player that has more ‘experience’ then you watch out, the player with the least points will be the one banned. In order to play this game well, just stay to yourself and don’t deal with others. A lot of them are @$$ holes.

  41. 2 out of 5


    Used to be amazing, but has gone downhill. Back in 2007, this game was rather lively and filled with nice people all around.

    Today, the users are mean are mean and nasty, the mods are indifferent to all, and you can get banned for telling a user that they shouldn’t be rude when they are cussing you out. They of course are allowed to stay, filthy mouth and all.

    I used to be a very dedicated player, long before the magic shop, Kathy, and any of the genetics. I’ve seen a lot in 5.5 years, and while this used to be the best game out there prior to Howrse, it is now among the worst in multiplayer communities.

    But hey, I will give them 2*. Why? Because a user can play for free forever, and has a decent chance to get paid items every week. Also, I used to have some of my best friends here (though no more).

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